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有岡大貴/ Arioka Daiki || Actor and singer ||1991 April 15

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 Duet 14.05  || Hey! Say! JUMP  

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yamahikadaichii whispered, "- > he would. I never do that, actually i found this stupid to be like " omg he's my inspiration .. " but he's special and that is why i do that. ( with HSJ of course ( my favorite group ) ) i'm proud and i will never ashamed being fan of him. ( or HSJ ) I don't believe God ( even if i respect that. ) but ... God bless this Daikingu. Happy Birthday Again ! Daikingu. Your biggest fanboy."

Thank you for sending your message here. I find this message really inspirational and from where I come from, it’s really hard to even say these things as a boy to another boy.

We all wish our Arioka Daiki the best along with the rest of HSJ.


Happy Birthday Arioka Daiki !

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happy 15th 23rd birthday my adorable puffball, Arioka Daiki 

stay cute, young, cheerful, friendly and talkative and yeah you have quite alot of good points okay, hope you can grow a little more if you want /laughs/ (although i think you are fine the way you are), all the best with your career and life bby!

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G I V E A W A Y ! ! ! 

So, I’ve been in the fandom for years, and I want to thank all of you that’s been in the fandom as well. I’m willing to give away some of my stuff to you all. I just think that you’ll appreciate it more than me now.

I’ll be giving away: 

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  • Mayonaka no Shadow Boy single
  • Hey! Say! 7 single
  • Dreams come true single
  • Mystery Virgin A and B
  • [14] Magazines. (Sorry, too lazy to grab all my mags downstairs, and yes,I will be giving 7 magazines each, so that means 2 people will get it)
  • Hey! Say! JUMP 2008-2009 Calendar
  • JUMP first photobook
  • And for those people that I already know (follow on twitter, or I have already talked to, will be able to get a very special one~ yes it’s the last few photos.)

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Good luck!

Huwee I want too uOu

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Happy Birthday Arioka Daiki

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JUMParty 4 - Team JUMP

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Hey! Say! NEKO(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧

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noeru in charge to teach other juniors how to do backflip..how kakkoi he is..

spot aran’s backflip…heee

Noeru is toooo cool~~~ (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

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happy 19th birthday to our adorable hamster, morimoto ryutaro! it’s going to be 2 years already and i’m still missing you (well i’m sure we all do) and i’m really happy to know that you’re doing well, in life and your studies and you managed to get into an university! seriously can’t believe time has passed so fast and you sure have gotten taller and taller! you’re probably the tallest in jump now! (laughs) i wish you all the best in your studies and everything you do and of course, keep on smiling okay? 

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Translation: Myojo December 2013: Yamada Ryosuke & Arioka Daiki LOVE Novel Exchange


Currently in Myojo, they have Daiki and Ryosuke writing a story together. Each month, one of them will write a chapter, and the next month, the other one continues it and so on. I decided to translate it because of the chapter in this month’s Myojo, which probably doesn’t…

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